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Hi there,

This is Simon. If you're anything like me, you're probably a bit tired of hearing hyped-up claims about products that are supposed to transform your life effortlessly.

So when I heard about Subliminal Power, I thought I would do something different to what most so-called internet reviewers do...I actually bought the software with my own money and then used it myself for a month (EDIT: Actually it's now been more than TEN years since I wrote this). After that, I wrote down my honest views about the computer program.

And this is what I thought of it...

What is Subliminal Power?

Subliminal Power 2 software review

The thing that caught my eye first about Subliminal Power was that its creators claim that Olympic athlete winners have used it. The basic idea of Subliminal Power is to flash faint text messages on your computer screen at regular intervals while you work.

The text is so faint that you can hardly see it and it appears so briefly on the screen that you don't get a chance to see what it said. But that, say the makers of Subliminal Power, is the whole point of the program. The theory goes that you don't consciously get a chance to read the messages but your subconscious does.

And, if you've read any books on how your mind works, you'll realize that what we accept into our subconscious minds as being true can have a profound effect upon our lives.

What the Subliminal Power software does is to provide a way to slip positive thoughts into our subconscious minds effortlessly while working or playing on the computer.

It's really the visual equivalent of those subliminal self-hypnosis tapes and CDs that have been around for a long time now. You can become whatever or whoever you want to be without any effort - or that's what they say.

Perhaps it sounds all a bit unlikely but some governments take this form of influence so seriously that, because of results from experimental research, subliminal messages are banned from television broadcasts. Interesting, huh?


How do you use Subliminal Power software?

The idea is that you run the Subliminal Power software in the background on your PC and it runs through lists of predefined messages of subliminal stimuli to slip into your subconscious.

You are supposed to just use your computer as normal and all these messages pop up without you noticing them consciously and they are supposed to change your beliefs, get you more motivated, boost your self-esteem etc. without ANY effort whatsoever on your part. The messages that get displayed depend upon the "programs" (or scripts) you have selected.

The software comes with more than twenty predefined subliminal scripts with titles such as Creative Thinking Mindset, Quit Smoking, Lose Weight Quickly and so on. The idea seems to be to cover a wide range of issues that users might want to deal with.

Examples of displayed messages might be: "My creativity flows freely", "I combine old thoughts to make new ideas", "Inspiration is all around me" and so on. (These were taken at random from Creative Thinking Mindset)

I'm sure you get the idea. You can even create your own subliminal scripts if you are feeling adventurous. Or you can edit the existing ones to phrase the messages slightly differently to fit in better with your personality. Basically, you just let the software run and do it's thing and you just enjoy the results.


What's the software like?

Subliminal Power software review

As with most software of this kind, you get access to a download link straight after entering your credit card details on the website. The software installs quickly and easily and immediately up pops a one-off introductory screen telling you how to get started...a nice friendly touch.

The software itself is slick and professional. It becomes apparent after using it for a short time just how much thought has gone into the design of it, even down to such things as having an onscreen box where you can test to see how faint and how quickly the messages will look when you fiddle with the settings.

The program appears to have been well tested. I never had a crash or any other problem with it despite running it all day long on my computer - sometimes for days on end. The user interface is modern, simple and fairly intuitive. It's unlikely that you'll need to look at the built-in help much.

The program also offers an optional feature whereby it will play music in the background while you use your computer. By default, there are a number of Baroque classical tracks available to play. Baroque music was composed to play at 60 beats per minute. Modern researchers have found that this particular rhythm helps to increase brain receptivity and relaxation, and so you often find such tracks in the background on self-hypnosis tapes and CDs.

Subliminal Power software review

I didn't particularly find this feature too useful - if I want to play background music, I'll play a CD or an mp3 using Windows Media Player or whatever. Plus, if you decide to use this program at work, your work colleagues might not be too happy about being blasted by Bach unless you use headphones.

Which brings me onto another aspect that demonstrates the thought that has gone into the program's design – the fact that you can use it secretly at your workplace.

Unlike many pieces of "mind software", the creators have gone to the trouble of not making it obvious that you are running anything unusual at all on your PC. This means you could use it at work without the embarrassment of having to explain to puzzled office colleagues what that strange software on your computer is all about.

When you start it up, Subliminal Power offers a rather anonymous startup screen and then the program quietly and obediently gets on with the job. Only a little icon near the taskbar clock gives any clue that it is running.

There is even an option to suspend the display of the subliminal messages temporarily by a quick right-click on the icon using your mouse - useful if someone else is going to use your computer for a while.

I've been mainly using the "Get Motivated" script (been a bit lazy recently with my goals, you see). Though, while writing this review, I also had the "Creative Thinking Mindset" script running so if this review seems especially "Creative" in a "Thinking Mindset" kind of way, you now know why.


Does Subliminal Power work?

So here it is, the big question...does it really work?

At first sight, the Subliminal Power software sounds a bit too good to be true.

Surely there must be some kind of effort involved somewhere? It can’t possibly be as easy as running a piece of software and then forgetting about it? Can it?


Maybe it can…

...At the time of writing this review, I've been running the software for about a month and I have to say, hand on heart, that I have noticed some definite effects which I believe is the result of using the program.

The first thing I noticed early on while running the "Get Motivated" script was that I would feel strangely good at times while using my computer. Within a few days, I found myself starting to get more organized both at work and home, and more focused with short & long term goals that I've been managing to find excuses to put off.

Hell, I've even been motivated enough to write this review!

What has been surprising is that I've only noticed these changes looking back. It has all been quite subtle. Nothing dramatic - just relaxed, easy personal change. After a while, you completely forget those occasional flashes of text ( subliminal messages ) you notice on the screen through the corner of your eye.

So am I going to carry on using it?

Undoubtedly, yes.



All in all, I've been impressed. Subliminal Power is a well-written piece of computer software that seems to do exactly what it was designed to do. No unnecessarily fancy screens, no mess, no fuss - just gets the job done quietly and efficiently.. and, most of all, it does actually seem to work.

It's well worth a serious look in my view.


All the best,

Subliminal Power software reviewer


Update: 2017 (Subliminal Power 2 + 'Secret' Discount)

Subliminal Power software review

It's now been TWELVE years since I wrote the above review of the Subliminal Power 1 software. I get asked from time to time about whether I still use the software and whether I still think it works.

So, for the record, since I guess you're probably wondering the same thing...yes, I still use it and - as I'm sure you've realized now - yes, I definitely think it works. It's probably the best subliminal software I've come across. I'm using the updated version called Subliminal Power 2 which is what you'll get if you click the link below. There's a few more bells and whistles on the new version, such as Brain Training videos & audios and Subliminal Movies, but the above review still applies.

By the way, there's currently a 14 day money back guarantee on the software if you buy it through the Subliminal Power official website so you can always check out the claims yourself without any risk and then get a refund if you don't like it.


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Subliminal Power Software

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