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Would you like to be wealthy? Yes, of course you would.

But are you WILLING to be wealthy?

That may sound like a strange question but think about it for a moment.

If it's true that you create your own reality through the power of your thoughts (see the free books on the PsiTek website if you don't believe that yet) then the only person preventing enormous wealth and riches from flowing to you!

Deeply ingrained subconscious beliefs may be holding you back from what you consciously desire.

When your thoughts are in conflict, your results will be inconsistent at best, and failure will tend to win out over success.

In my life, I see many people who spend their days doing jobs they don't really want to do just to make a bit of money.

I see people who have made a bit of money but don't really know what to do with it and so just lose it again.

I even see people who have lots of money but they still aren't happy or relaxed about it.

However, I see very few people who deeply understand what money really is, what purpose money has in their lives and how money should be handled when it enters your life.

The surprising truth is that money is just a man-made symbol for a form of energy...the same kind of energy that your thoughts are made of.

Once you really start to understand this, you begin to realize that you can make money flow into your life as easily as altering your thoughts and allowing the abundance to flow in.

Fredric Lehrman, the creator of these Prosperity Consciousness audio tapes/CDs, is an absolute master at teaching how to do this.

The principles work equally well whether you are a major corporate financier for an international bank or someone who is just struggling day-to-day to pay the rent.

Mr Lehrman is the founder and director of Nomad University and has worked with companies as diverse as 3M Corporation, Celestial Seasonings Tea Company and Banana Republic Clothing.

He says: "When I first discovered these ideas, I was in mid-career, a hard-working classical musician and teacher who believed that the only way to get ahead was by working my way slowly up the professional ladder.

"However, within three months of implementing these ideas, I was able to double my income, and then did it again and again, three more times before the end of the first year".

These audio tapes explain exactly how he did it and how anyone can follow his example.

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What is Prosperity Consciousness about?

I came across the Prosperity Consciousness audio tape course in the mid-1990s soon after it was first released by the Nightingale-Conant Corporation.

This set of tapes (or CDs) helps you deal with the question I mentioned at the start of this review....Are You Willing To Be Wealthy?

Mr Lehrman has created a course that starts off by turning your entire view of money upside-down and then gives you specific methods to forever change the way you deal with money in your everyday life.

His ideas are geared to be practical and usable in the modern financial world we live in.

Mr Lehrman has a gentle and engaging style of teaching laced with many true stories from his own life.

One of my personal favorite stories from the course involves him giving a lift in his car to San Francisco to some monks who were traveling the globe on a spiritual quest.

They were calm and centered people normally but their reaction upon entering the bustling city was quite surprising. I'll let Mr Lehrman tell you the story for himself but the lesson that comes out of it is profound...

...most people think that the way to be ultimately happy in life is to resign themselves to wanting everything that they already have, but the inescapable truth is that you will only really be satisfied in life by having everything that you want.

Prosperity Consciousness is based upon Mr Lehrman's own popular money seminars entitled Getting Money Right - The Psychology Of Wealth that thousands around the world have attended.

There are so many gems of wisdom scattered throughout this course. Far more than just a listen-once audio series, this is a philosophy for living a prosperous and abundant life.

The starting point of the course is to set up a rock-solid financial foundation through the use of affirmations. Mr Lehrman teaches the proper use of affirmations and how to use them effectively in your life.

As the course progresses, we gradually move from building inner wealth to handling the outer wealth that will soon start manifesting.

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The Five Bank Account System

Prosperity Consciousness features instructions for setting up a unique five bank account system to handle the extra money that flows into your life as a result of changing your attitudes to wealth.

The accounts to set up for yourself are called the Income account, the Financial Independence account, the Annual Income account, the Large Purchases account and the Investments account. You can set them up with any bank you like.

Each account has a specific purpose and there are prosperity games you can play with the accounts to loosen up your deeply-held beliefs about money, which Mr Lehrman explains in detail.

The accounts may be normal bank accounts but you use them in unusual ways.

Here is a very brief overview of what the accounts are for:

The Income Account is an account where you funnel every bit of money that enters your life. It provides an artificial delay between money entering your life and money leaving your life. That delay gives your prosperity consciousness a chance to come up with creative ways to generate the money you need in your life. It stops you spending what you earn without thinking.

The Financial Independence Account is a savings account into which you put a portion of your earnings but never, yes never, take them out again. The account provides the financial backbone to your prosperity consciousness because your mind will always be aware that there is money in your life. And eventually you have enough in there to give up working and just live off the interest.

The Annual Income Account is used to gradually build up cash until there is enough to live off for one year then you have the freedom to give up working for one year and allow your creativity to blossom.

The Large Purchases Account is an account in which all the money in it must be spent regularly on something you don't need. It teaches you to spend without guilt because there will always be more on the essential state of mind for Prosperity Consciousness. And there is a further twist in that the account can help you acquire a state of mind that enables you to draw money magically into your life just by thinking about a specific extremely spooky experience the first time it happens, I can assure you!

The Investments Account is used for money that can be invested with minimal risk in something that will earn more than being kept in a bank.

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Other Highlights

For those who love the convenience of credit cards, Mr Lehrman offers a clever technique whereby you can remain firmly in control of your spending. The problem most people have with credit cards is that they are lulled into a false sense of security by allowing you to defer payments into the future. By changing the way you use the cards, you can keep your spending in "real time" and put an end to those unwelcome large bills that appear to come out of nowhere each month.

Another highlight of the course for me is the Budget Game. Here you deliberately decrease the amount you spend in certain parts of your life while trying to maintain or even increase your quality of life. Sounds impossible?...not really. What you soon discover is that If you give your subconscious mind a specific challenge, it will come up with creative and unique ways to reach your goal.

For those involved in sales and marketing, Mr Lehrman's effortless selling method is quite amazing. Gone are all those aggressive, hard and mean selling techniques. Mr Lehrman's approach is to just gently and magnetically allow the sales to come to you. As you get better at the method, you can increase the value of the things you sell rather than selling more of them. It's about working smarter, not harder.

Prosperity Scrabble is the name given to a method of generating new business ideas. In essence, you start with a list of everything you enjoy doing in your life. Then you start to combine them in new and unusual ways to think of money-making ideas.

The Imaginary Schedule technique is a bizarre yet effective method for getting things done in your life. Take a calendar, plan out your perfect week in advance in detail, right down to the minute, then...ignore it! Just live your life as normal and occasionally glance at your ideal week to see what you would have been doing if you had been living your ideal week. What you find after a few weeks of playing this game is that your ideal week and your real week start to match each other more and more closely. Things seem to get themselves done!

At one point in the course, Fredric Lehrman plays a snippet from one of his live prosperity seminars to demonstrate the mysterious way that a single piece of paper (a one dollar bill) passed around a room can have an enormous effect on a group of people in just a few minutes.

The mere symbol of the piece of paper and what it represents is enough to start generating wealth for everyone involved, seemingly out of thin air. And that, Mr Lehrman demonstrates, is how our modern world economy operates too - it's the energy flow that the paper money symbolizes that is the key to wealth and prosperity for all.

Money, being a kind of energy, can act in mysterious ways and Mr Lehrman explains with grace and simplicity what to do about it and how to handle it.

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Listing of Contents

General course topics covered include:

  • Having a stress-free relationship with money
  • Channeling the pipeline of wealth into all areas of your life
  • Discovering your underlying beliefs about money and how to change them
  • The Five Bank Account system and the money games you play with them to free up your mind
  • Playing "Prosperity Scrabble" as a way to evolve new money making ideas
  • Transforming your surplus energy into a business that serves others

The audio tapes (or CDs) are titled:

  • Developing A New Way Of Thinking
  • The Three Principles Of The Mind
  • The Four Stages Of Money Mastery
  • Changing Your Thoughts With Affirmations
  • Developing Your Inner Real Estate
  • Savings - The Five Account System
  • Day-to-Day Money Management
  • Winning The Money Game
  • Buying, Selling and Negotiating
  • Designing Your Own Career
  • Investing - Your Link To The World

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So is the course any good?

Well, put it this way ...whenever anyone asks me how they can become wealthy, I really only have one answer...first become inwardly wealthy and then you will naturally become outwardly wealthy.

If they ask me exactly what step-by-step things they can do to become inwardly wealthy, I tell them (after reading the PsiTek website, of course!) to go and buy this course ....and then listen to it again and again until it all starts to make sense.

Almost every time you listen, you'll hear something new.

I've yet to meet anyone who has not benefited enormously from listening to this audio course.

If you get the feeling I'm sounding enthusiastic about it, you're absolutely right.

To this day, I use many of the principles and techniques taught here to come up with new ways to generate and handle wealth and prosperity in my own life.

And the methods really work...but only if you use them.

By the end of the course, the author's closing sentiment becomes obvious - that ultimately the only real reason to have lots of money is to give yourself the freedom to enjoy the things that money can't buy.

In short, in my opinion, Prosperity Consciousness is a masterpiece. If you really are serious about becoming wealthy and about staying wealthy, buying this course is an investment opportunity you cannot afford to miss.

If you would like to try it out you can get it from here...

Click here to take control of your financial life with the Prosperity Consciousness audio course