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The Wonderful Power Of Charisma

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Summary and Conclusion


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You may not know it, but each one of us already possesses the charisma we all wanted to have. Of course, with charisma, nothing is impossible. People will easily notice us, like us, follow what we have to say, respect our decisions, and eventually love us. Who wouldn’t want this kind of appreciation? Therefore, it is overwhelming to actually have such power.

Charisma, or the ability to inspire one’s enthusiasm or interest by means of personal charm, is already within us. We only have to know some secrets in order to unleash it from within us.

But why? What can charisma possibly do for us that we should be concerned in setting it free from our internal walls? The many advantages of charisma include getting other people to notice you, making you likeable, influencing others, bringing out the best in you, and bringing you a better and healthier lifestyle.

To fully enhanced charisma from within, you ought to know its elements that are essential in making you appealing and influential in front of other people. First, there is the smile – the most heartwarming gesture you can give to other people, without really costing anything. Its priceless feature should not prevent you from sharing it to all the people you know and meet along the way.

However, to have that most charming smile, you have to consider a few things like proper dental hygiene and a healthy diet.

Body language is another essential element of charisma. Even without words, the body can communicate using gestures and movements. To always remember how to use body language effectively, you must take N-O-T-E of it: making use of Nods, Open Arms, Touch, and Eye Contact. Other gestures that can communicate include the eyebrows, the head, the hands, and the feet. Awareness of the meaning they convey can help you speak to other people without really moving your lips and uttering words.

Next, we have the positive sense of humor. We use this in order to break the monotony of a serious conversation. If you know how to crack jokes naturally, without hurting or offending other people, you can easily fascinate them and they will like the way you entertain them.

The fourth in our list of charisma’s essential elements is friendliness. If we make friends with a lot of people, it would be easy for them to recognize your worth. Being friendly includes getting rid of all your unfriendly behavior, having a friendly mindset, anger management, and apologizing sincerely for any mistake done.

Confidence is another element you need to develop in order to enhance the power of charisma. This refers to believing and having faith in yourself and in what you can do. Confidence helps in carrying out a plan and in making it a success. Improving your confidence starts with dealing with your inferiorities. Accept that nobody is perfect, but you can do something to overcome your limitations and actually change them into your advantage.

Finally, to complete the spells of charisma, you have to be true to yourself – being just you anywhere, all the time. This means having no hesitations and no pretensions. If people see you not imitating anybody else, they can easily trust you and accept you for who you are; they will eventually like you. Being yourself doesn’t require any rules but to stay who you are, wherever you are.

Aside from the essential elements you need to develop, the power of charisma can be totally completed by perfecting your physical charm, intellectual influence, social appeal, and spiritual power. After all, enhancing charisma is an over-all personality makeover.

However, when you have finally developed the power of charisma, be careful not to overuse it. Like confidence, when you overemphasize charisma, it can break you, rather than make you; it can change you for the worse, and not for the better. Hence, apply the right amount of charisma in everything you do. We want to be noticed, followed, respected, and loved, and not to be neglected, annoyed, disobeyed, and loathed.

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