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The Wonderful Power Of Charisma

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How Charisma’s Spell Works

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The power of charisma is more like a spell. Once obtained, it can do magical tricks. And since all people are already blessed with charisma within them, all that’s left to be done is simply to expose it to other people for them to realize your worth.

Seems simple? Truth is, charisma is more than just attracting other people and making them like you. Being so powerful, it can turn your life around, letting you take control of things around you, and allowing you to achieve your ultimate goals and lifetime dreams.

So, how exactly does charisma’s spell works? Among its many powers are listed below:

Charisma can get other people to notice you. Do you know the feeling of being the center of attention, when you’re in the hot seat with spotlights focused on you and people’s eyes glued on every movement you make? With all the cheering and screaming, there is no greater feeling than being recognized!

Contrary to most people’s mentality, not only performers on stage, beauty pageant contestants, award recipients, and famous people can be recognized and given such attention as described above. You don’t have to do anything eccentric just to get other people’s interests. Anybody can be noticed. In fact, we should be noticed! There is not much difference between the people mentioned above and us.

We are all created equally, right? Hence, we also deserve to be noticed the same way they are being recognized.

With charisma, this won’t be a problem. Even if you’re not doing anything at all, not uttering any word, or just by simply being quiet, people can easily notice you with the aura or personal radiance they see in you.

Charisma can make you likeable. To be noticed is already good. To be liked is something much better. If people like you, they will respect you, and eventually love you. Tim Sanders, author of The Likeability Factor: How to Boost your L-Factor and Achieve your Life’s Dreams, mentions that someone who is likeable “can give you a sense of joy, happiness, relaxation or rejuvenation. He or she can bring you relief from depression, anxiety, or boredom.”

Hence, if you are this person, you generate positive feelings not just for yourself, but for others as well.

Likeability is an important factor in one’s life as it glues a relationship together through thick and thin. When you like someone and/or are being liked by him, a friendship or an intimate relationship can easily exist.

Likeability is actually the start of something great between two or more people. And charisma helps a lot in forming these bonds by making you likeable in the easiest way. It takes a lot for someone to be liked by others, but with charisma, minimal efforts will be spent

Charisma influences. To influence other people to do or just believe something you say, can be a difficult task to accomplish, especially if they don’t trust you. Therefore, it is wise that you first get other people’s trust in you before they actually adhere to what you say. And getting their trust is not so easy either.

“The true meaning of leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less,” famous author John C. Maxwell states in his book Leadership 101: What Every Leader Needs to Know. And as leaders of our lives, of a family of our own, and maybe of a company under our control, we certainly need influence, not just over ourselves, but over most people we will be meeting throughout our lives. “If you don’t have influence, you will never be able to lead others.”

In developing such influence, charisma plays a big part. It can give your listeners more reasons to trust you – the fundamental of influence.

Charisma can bring out the best in you. Enhancing charisma is enhancing your over-all personality. It doesn’t just make you feel good about yourself; it actually makes you a better person – from the inside out. It conquers your negative attitudes about yourself and turns them into a more positive outlook.

Charisma brings out confidence, increasing your over-all self-esteem. Studies show that charismatic people – likeable and friendly – engage more deeply in conversations and participate more in projects and tasks, that people began paying more attention to them, developing leadership as well as eliminating misunderstandings from co-workers.

Be it on a school ground or an executive suite, any performance will improve in the positive environment created by charisma. People respond with trust, loyalty, and that extra bit of effort. Not only do people with personal charm get the job done right away, they motivate others to get the same results, as well.

Charisma can bring you a better and healthier lifestyle. Alas! You no longer need to hide yourself in the dark! Setting your personal charm free is like setting yourself free from boring, neglected living. A perfect lifestyle awaits somebody who is noticed, liked, respected, and loved.

When we are liked, it increases our self-esteem. And the higher the self-esteem of a person, the less stress he suffers. Stress, in turn can cause increased heart rate among other ailments, which eventually leads to anything from high blood pressure to serious heart diseases.

Moreover, Dr. James Messina, author of the textbook series The Tools for Coping, says, “One of the negative side-effects of low self-esteem is that its victims suffer high-stress illness like ulcers, colitis, high blood pressure, heart diseases, and cancer.” Clearly, people with low self-esteem have lesser defense against stress than those with high self-esteem, which is a product of charisma.

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