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What Is Karma?

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According to the Buddhist teachings, the law of karma says that for everything you do there is a result. Or as they say, for every cause there is an effect. This effect could be good or bad, depending on the cause.

Therefore, what the law of karma is telling us is that we all are responsible for our actions in some form or fashion. What we do or the actions we take will result in some form of result.

An example of this could be if we do a good deed for someone; the effect is kindness from the person receiving the good deed. Another example is that if we think bad thoughts of someone, our thinking will reflect in our actions, which will result in us either doing harm to that person, or saying something bad, which could result in hurt feels or resentment later.

But if we dwell on good, enhancing thoughts, we will only have the best of intentions and will treat the person, who is the center of our thoughts, with good will, hopefully resulting in a return of kindness of some type.

If the thoughts we have for someone else never materialized to the person (the person was not available to receive the actions), what would happen in turn is that those thoughts would turn into feelings, but inward instead of outward. Therefore, these thoughts would stay buried deep inside ourselves until either we find a release somehow or we find the person the original thoughts were for, and give off those thoughts, whether good or bad. This would clear us of our thoughts, but the end result or effect could still be disastrous for the other person.

In order to live in peace and harmony with ourselves and the universe, we must live with positive energy, not negative. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This goes along with the Biblical text that states, “we sow what we reap”. Therefore, what we produce or cause to occur we will get a result or effect.

The law of karma tells us that if we live in a body-consciousness, we are not pure in karma. For this level of consciousness only produces sexual lust, anger, greed, ego, and other negative emotions. Instead, we have to be linked with the Supreme Soul to have true karma, peace and harmony.

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