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Visualize Your Thoughts

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If you believe in the Law of Attraction, you know that thoughts lead to feelings that lead to actions that lead to results. But you just don’t think of a thought. You must visualize the thought as an image. For instance, let’s say you want to buy a red convertible sports car. You visualize a red convertible sports car. But not just any sports car. It has to be a certain make and model. See this car in your mind and picture yourself in it, driving it, or having people in it. Put feelings and emotions into it. If you continue to do this, you will finally get that car.

It is easy to visualize. Believe it or not, we actually use visualization every day of our lives. When we daydream, we visualize. When we fantasize about something, we visualize. The thing about attraction is that we don’t just visualize for one time, we practice it daily, maybe even two or three times a day, depending on how serious you want what you are visualizing about.

The only reason we haven’t gotten anything from our visions before was because we didn’t have knowledge about the power of our visions.

If you look at people who are constantly in trouble or having bad things happening it is because they are always visualizing trouble in their lives. They are so used to doing it they don’t know better. But for those who have success in their lives, they focus on the good stuff and continue to do that. They only visualize the good things coming to them.

Visualization is used in all aspects of life from schoolwork to business. It has been silent for years only because of the unknown reason for it. Now even scientists are realizing the power of visualization.

The one good thing about visualization is it can be applied to any area of our lives and work every time. That is the power and flexibility of visualization.

Therefore, if you use visualization in your thinking and use your feelings and emotions to center that image, and then apply action to it, you will eventually see the results. Just try to focus on an exact image and not be too vague as to what you want. There have been people who have done general visualizations before and it has worked for them. They just trusted God or the Universe to surprise them with the results.

So how do we perform visualization? The steps are not that complicated. You just have to perform certain routines and stick to them. Here are the steps you can take to help you visualize:

· Sit in a relaxed position. Take a few deep breaths until you are completely relaxed.

· After being fully relaxed, clear your mind of everything.

· Next, picture the thing or event you want to happen. If you want a car, picture a car in front of you. But not just any car. Picture the exact car you want. Visualize every detail of the car from the front to the back, including the inside and how you want it to look. Do this until you have this image locked in your mind.

· Now, apply emotion to it. See yourself driving down the street, shifting gears as you go. Picture yourself stopping at a beautiful beach with the one you love sitting next to you.

· See yourself getting out of the car and taking the keys with you. Lock this complete vision in your mind and send it to your heart for emotional processing.

If you apply the steps above each and every day, you will find the car of your image appearing to you in some form or fashion.

No doubt, visualization is a powerful tool that can help you achieve the greatness, goals, or whatever you want in life, as long as you apply it to feelings and take action steps.

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