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In life, there are universal laws that govern everything we do. And these universal laws never err, not even once. These laws are so perfect that if you were to align yourself with them, you could have so much prosperity that it would be coming out of your ears.

We all know the laws exist, but we really don’t know much about them. We don’t know what they are so we can get in tune with them. So we have to know what the universal laws are first, then everything else follows.

The first thing to consider when you try understanding the universe is to know who created the universe. Once you know this and why the universe exists, you’ll gain a better idea as to why the universe is so powerful.

Now it depends on your belief system and what you were brought up to accept, because the creation of the universe was talked about in schools as having started with the Big Bang theory. This is where an explosion occurred and suddenly the universe appeared. Many scientists believe this theory because it is the easiest way to understand it. What they fail to understand or give credence to is who created the explosion to begin with. That mass of material that exploded just didn’t appear there by itself. It had to have been created. This is why, no matter your religious beliefs, you must know that God is the one who created the universe for our use and to get whatever we want from it.

This God or Infinite Being as some prefer to call him creates everything in the universe in the image and likeness of him. This is why the universe is perfect. This is why it is powerful and dynamic. In order for everything to function in this capacity, God created laws that would automatically serve the purpose for what it was intended. Whatever man wanted to do, if they worked in connection with these laws, would find plenty of abundance and perfection abounding, despite being sinful creatures themselves. The sin of humanity is not what fails in the person’s life. It is failure to follow the universal laws that causes one to fail. The laws that were created consist of the following: ·

Law of Gratitude: This is one universal law that states you must show gratitude for what you have. If you show gratitude, you also show you appreciate the things in your life, no matter what those things may be. It is just a matter of acknowledging them and telling the universe that you are glad you have them in your life. By having gratitude, you actually speed your growth and success faster than you normally would. This is because if you appreciate the things you have, even if they are small things, you are telling the universe that you are accepting of them and you are open to receiving, and will receive more. ·

Law of Attraction: Not many people know the law of attraction because they were never taught it. However, successful people know the law of attraction and practice it everyday. This is why they are successful. The law of attraction states that if you focus your attention on something long enough you will get it. It all starts in the mind. You think of something and when you think of it, you manifest that in your life. What you are doing is you think of what you want, which is the cause, and the effect is the object or person you manifest from your thoughts. For example, let’s say you want $10,000, you think of receiving $10,000. You put an image of the money in your mind. This could be a mental picture of a check, or actual cash. But you think about it with an image. Now here is where the law of attraction comes in. When you dwell on this picture, you focus on it, and you put your emotions into it, the universe produces the results for you.

Law of Karma: This law states that what you cause will have an effect. If you go out and do something bad, it will come back to you with something bad happening to you. If you do good for others, good things happen to you. By knowing this law, you will understand the power of the mind, and how your actions can speak for you in many ways good or bad. This power can hurt you or harm you, depending on how you use it. The principle here is to know you can create good or bad through your actions, because there will always be an effect no matter what.

Law of Love: This is another universal law that God, or the universe, established for mankind. This happens to be the building block of all things. Love is more than emotion or feeling; it is energy. It has substance and can be felt. It takes on many forms. Love is also considered acceptance of oneself or others. This means that no matter what you do in life, if you do not approach or leave the situation out of love, it won’t work. Everything in life is unified and by accepting this and working in harmony with it, you are working within the universal laws.

Law of Allowing: This law states that in order for us to get what we want, we must be receptive to it. We just can’t merely say to the Universe that we want something if we don’t allow ourselves to receive it. This will defeat our purpose for wanting it in the first place. By working in harmony with this law, we are telling the Universe that we approve of ourselves getting what we want.

Law of Vibration: If you really want something, you wish on it, and you use your thoughts to visualize it, you are half way there to getting it. In order to complete the cycle you must use the Law of Vibration to feel the part of what you want. You need to be in harmony with what you want, for it to work. Do this and you’ll have anything you want. As you can see, there are universal laws and they were created for our good. To go in harmony with them will bring you peace and prosperity. But to go in opposition to them will bring you only despair and hatred.

Another factor you need to think about regarding the universal laws is that for everything to function properly there has to be structure. Without structure, our world or universe in fact, would be in utter chaos. If you study the laws and understand them, then cooperate with those laws, you will not only find yourself living in harmony with those laws, but your lives will be in tuned to the universe in such a way that you would have fulfilling, abundant lives filled with joy, peace, happiness, and good health.

If you examine successful people, you will find these traits. They understand the universal laws and apply them daily. They may not acknowledge that to you, but they do follow the laws. They do so in an intuitive way. But people who are not successful, those who struggle in life, are those who do not understand or embrace the universal laws. They may not understand what the universal laws are about because of the limiting beliefs they hold. As you grow to maturity, you are constantly taught beliefs by your parents, teachers, and even by your peers. These beliefs just placed in your conscious mind and eventually enter your subconscious where they are processed and acted upon. Once they are processed, they are stored in your memory banks for later retrieval. The only problem with non-successful people is that they don’t understand these universal laws so they don’t apply them in their lives. This is why their lives are full of anger, fear, and resentments, instead of joy, peace, and contentment.

There is one truth that all people share to some degree or another. That is, there is a higher power and this higher power controls the universe and what we get out of it. The premise is that whatever happens does so for a reason. And our higher power is what guides these events and allows them to happen.

Those people who know this, but wish to direct their own lives, follow the reasons and what results there from. They don’t worry about what people do around them or blame others for their own mistakes or for being victimized. They know this can be a distraction and reframe from doing so. Instead, they take the time necessary to identify the cause, which allows them to see how they developed their present situation. It is at this time they can determine whether what they experience is desirable or not. If what they manifested was desirable, they would acknowledge it and repeat the process. This is a form of the Law of Cause and Effect.

Successful people don’t sit around and say “I’ll try.” No, they say yes they will do it. They have the “I will” attitude. This is important to accomplishing your goals of achieving what you want. People of this type aren’t afraid to say no. They think the thought and take action to fulfill their thoughts. They believe in themselves and act on it. This is why success comes to them so quickly and easily.

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