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Jesus Taught It Too (The Early Roots Of The Law Of Attraction)

The Fine Art of Visualization I

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The Universe operates according to set laws and the co-creators need to be aware of those laws if they are to be successful in their efforts to consciously create their own reality. Keep yourself in mind. You are constantly creating your reality, albeit on an unconscious level.

If you want to know what you think about the most, what you are emotional about and what you believe in strongly, all you need to do is look at your life. Your current reality is merely a reflection of what is occurring in your mind.

Visualization is a key in creating your own reality. If you think that you cannot visualize you are mistaken since the world you see is the result of your visualization. The Universe is very literal. It does not judge your desires. It will create what you hold in your mind, thoughts and emotions.

It should be stated clearly from the outset you cannot create negative thoughts or send negative thoughts to someone. All that happens in that situation is that you pollute your own mind and affect only yourself and your perception on the world. There is more that could be said here but it is not worth the energy to do so.

Visualization is more than just seeing what you want in your mind. It is not a flat image like on a TV screen but rather contains all the dimensions and the physical and emotional senses. In a way it is a hologram in which you must be an active participant if you are to achieve maximum success.

Most people start off on the wrong foot when it comes to visualization. They start with the premise “I want.” Like I said, the Universe is very literal and so it will give you all the “wanting” you can handle. Any verb that follows “I” is very powerful and it is the key message to the Universe. Therefore, if you say, “I want more money,” this is interpreted by the Universe as you “want” to keep wanting more money. What you get is merely “wanting” and basically no money. This holds true for phrases like “I need,” “I wish,” “I hope,” etc. If you think like this, all you will manifest is “needing, wishing and hoping” in abundance.

Here is a key; there is nothing that you do not have. Since all things are made of energy, and there is an unlimited supply of energy in the Universe, truly there is no shortage. All that you could ever want or desire exists and is merely waiting for you to bring it into your life. When you tell the Universe “I have financial abundance, perfect health, a great personal relationship, spiritual enlightenment, and a wonderful and joyous life,” then you set the Universe in motion and it ensures that what you “have” in your mind is brought into physical reality. It is not that seeing is believing it is rather believing is seeing. Better yet, knowing is receiving.

Knowing that you have what you desire sets up a receptive mental state. Now is the time to act “as if.” In your mind you add dimension and emotion to that which you have mentally created. If it is a home improvement you desire, in your mind you see yourself in the added room along with all of the decorations, furnishings, smells and activities you will do there.

See other family members in the room and play out in your mind conversations and others things you will do in that added space. Make it real. Pick the colors of the walls and see yourself hanging the paintings and then just feel good that what you created mentally is now real. Do not be concerned how this becomes reality and always keep the vision in the present tense; I have, not I will have. The word “will” implies future and like I said, the Universe is literal and that future will always remain in the future until you accept your vision in the now.

Do not second-guess how your vision will occur. Many fail at this stage. They try to prescribe to the Universe how it should materialize the vision. I knew a person who once tried to manifest the “money” for her perfect new car. She kept failing. She was telling the Universe that the only way she could get the new car was to get money. After some consultation she decided not to “tell” the Universe but rather to let the Universe do its own thing.

She began to visualize the car and her in it, period. A very short time later she was left the exact car, down to the red color by a relative that could no longer drive. The relative was going to sell the car but decided to give it to her niece instead, at no cost! When you try to prescribe the means you actually close doors and oftentimes block the Universe from manifesting your vision. Do not get caught in the mental trap of “I want it and this is how it must come.” The Universe is very resourceful.

There is another key step in this process and I would refer you to my other article, “The Power of Gratitude”. Now that you “have,” be grateful. Let the Universe know that you appreciate the gift and are thankful for a Universe that is waiting and ready to meet all of your desires. Keep in mind that the Universe is not seeking gratitude, it really seeks nothing. But when you set up in your mind the attitude of gratitude you make the manifestation of your vision real to you and that is what is important. One rarely gives thanks for something they have not received.

If you want, decorate your fridge with pictures and post sayings of gratitude—reminders of what you have already received. Every little bit helps.

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