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MASTER: It seems strange to one who has made real progress along God's great highway of Truth just how many mortals who are on the same journey will make detours that are altogether unnecessary, or will even turn and go in the opposite direction from their desired goal. For example, nearly everyone, it seems, is very much interested in a newly discovered disease, or in just disease as such, while the thing that all of us wish to know most about is PERFECT HEALTH and how to reach that rich experience that is spoken of in the Apocrypha, Ecc. 30:15-16, which reads: "Health and a good estate of body are above all gold: and a strong body above infinite wealth!" Of course we all know that it is impossible to find the Truth about HEALTH by holding our interest and attention on disease.

PUPIL: But we know that there is disease. Must we not reckon with this fact?

MASTER: One who recognizes disease as a reality has thus made his own law about it, and for him disease is inevitable. If disease is what you think and believe then disease is a fact for you. All bodily inharmony is first a thought and a belief; consequently its CURE is from the mental side also. It has been said that "the Absolute (Spirit) is like the air which carries odors, both good and bad, but which remains forever untainted by them." In the Absolute all is health and harmony; it may carry the beliefs of mortals in disease about with it yet it is never tainted by them!

PUPIL: But since the belief in disease is so widely prevalent is it not well for us to know how to handle disease, or belief in disease, from the spiritual standpoint?

MASTER: It would be more scientific to know how to handle HEALTH; and we shall devote this lesson to Healing, to living in conscious harmony with Life's laws. We shall start with the fine art of giving an effective spiritual treatment, or mental treatment. There are a number of most important points for the healer, or practitioner, to always remember and always practice in this respect.

PUPIL: Which point is the most important of them all?

MASTER: That is difficult to answer since all of them are vitally important; but one of them is this: The practitioner should have firmly fixed in mind the FACT that there is but ONE MIND and but ONE EXPRESSION of this one Mind although it fills all space with its numberless manifestations. This awareness removes the line of demarcation between patient and healer. Another vital essential is this: If one hopes to be of any help to a patient one must NOT give treatment for disease. That would surely INTENSIFY the disease! In giving a spiritual treatment the practitioner should utterly dismiss all thoughts of disease and of personality from the mind. To hold the thought on disease would mean MORE disease. Rather the healer should mentally see Life WHOLE, FREE, AT PEACE and IN HARMONY through the power of the Radiant Christ within.

PUPIL: But suppose the patient is right there in front of you at the time of the treatment, that he is ill and in great pain. How can the practitioner avoid seeing the ill condition?

MASTER: If one is not sufficiently disciplined in mind to see through, or beyond, the condition one should not attempt to be a healer; or else such a one should confine his efforts exclusively to absent mental treatments. To see, or to believe in, any condition that a patient may seem to have disarms a practitioner immediately and renders his efforts impotent in behalf of the patient.

PUPIL: Are the absent mental treatments always just as effective as ones given face to face? Does not the distance of the patient from the source of treatment raise a barrier to the effectiveness of the treatments?

MASTER: A well trained and experienced practitioner is able to treat just as effectively absently as presently; and there are some who do better work absently. In Spirit there is neither TIME nor SPACE, and the distance of the patient from the healer makes no difference at all. You see the first mental step that the practitioner takes is that of clearing his or her mind of the presence of anything except the ONE GOD-SPIRIT. Thought is unbelievably fast in its transmission and can span the earth instantly; and it does not lose any of its power in the transmission! In giving an absent treatment the healer should be POSITIVE that the thought sent forth reaches the recipient NOW and with INFINITE POWER.

PUPIL: Why is it so vitally important to know that the Truth for the patient is his now? If he is ill it does not seem quite reasonable to me that he could be made whole right now.

MASTER: Nevertheless it is either now or never! In the Absolute the ONLY time there is the ETERNAL NOW. To it there is no past; nor is there any future. To it there is ONLY the PRESENT. If the practitioner holds the thought that the patient "will be all right," it will always be "will be" for the patient because the healer is POSTPONING the healing until some future time, and there is no future known to the Spirit, as I have said. Did Jesus ever say to any of those who were healed by Him: "You will be healed. Arise and go"? No, not ever. Always He spoke to them in the PRESENT tense; always He told them something to this effect: "You ARE WHOLE! Go in Peace!"

PUPIL: Just what are the mechanics of giving a mental treatment for one who is present personally with the practitioner?

MASTER: The steps in giving a successful treatment under such circumstances are these:

(1) Have the patient RELAX physically as completely as possible, all over, toes, ankles, knees, spine, shoulders, arms, hands and even the eye-lids (for the eyes should be closed in the silence). The whole body of the patient should be as limp as possible. The greater the physical relaxation you may induce on the part of the patient the greater his RECEPTIVITY to the mental treatment will be.

(2) Have the patient "empty" his conscious mind as completely as is possible, trying to think of nothing at all insofar as this can be done; have him try to make a vacuum of his mind, as it were. This complete RELAXATION of the conscious mind also induces a much greater RECEPTIVITY.

(3) The healer MUST completely remove the line of demarcation between the patient and self. There are not two persons present, not really, not patient and practitioner. The two are ONE, and the establishment of this FACT firmly in the mind of the healer is of untold importance. REMEMBER that Mrs. Jones, practitioner, is NOT giving Mrs. Smith, patient, a mental treatment. As long as the one treating is aware of any sense of separation, or distinction, between patient and self there will be little if any results achieved.

(4) Once all sense of separation is really removed from the practitioner's consciousness, the actual treatment is given. The patient is now in a passive, or receptive attitude, both mentally and physically. The healer is in an active, or generating, position. Yet the "two" are one, the one person being the negative pole, the other the positive, and between them the healing current of Life may now freely pass.

Into the Absolute the practitioner now projects a steady stream of positive, constructive, powerful thought-energy, at the beginning of which process the patient's name is either silently or audibly called in order that the flow of Spirit may be given DEFINITE DIRECTION. The receptive attitude of the patient picks up the flow of power and so it is made his own. The affirmation the healer uses at the beginning of the silence may be said aloud once or twice although this is not necessary. Into the Bosom of the Spirit, into the Fruitful Silence, the practitioner thinks and dwells with intense concentration and feeling, yet without any sense of strain whatsoever.

PUPIL: Upon what thought does the healer dwell in the silence?

MASTER: Upon the SPIRITUAL PROTOTYPE for the organ that may seem to be diseased, or for the thing or condition that may be desired. This SPIRITUAL PROTOTYPE is yet another thing that is of VITAL importance. To dwell in thought upon anything physical, anything which has form, is to be on the plane of LIMITATION, of SECONDARY CAUSATION, of EFFECT. BUT to think steadily upon the SPIRITUAL PROTOTYPE is to MENTALLY BE in the realm of the ABSOLUTE which is the INFINITE, which is FIRST CAUSE or PRIMARY CAUSATION, which is the CAUSE ITSELF and NOT the effect.

PUPIL: To me this spiritual prototype, important though I am sure it is, is the hardest thing in all of this study "to get hold of" mentally, the most difficult point to really understand. May I have some helpful pointers on this matter?

MASTER: That is true of many, in fact for nearly all "beginners" in this study. Perhaps the spiritual prototype is difficult for you because it is FORMLESS, Then, too, it may seem hard to understand because it is a new idea to you, one with which you are unfamiliar, of which you are not accustomed to thinking. Yet it is quite SIMPLE, once you know its nature. Here are some good rules to follow in this matter:

(1) The spiritual prototype of anything is the thing itself in its most incipient state, is the actual origin of the thing in the Universal Mind.

(2) To find the spiritual prototype for anything it is only necessary to determine in your own mind the PURPOSE of the thing, whatever it may be. This is an INFALLIBLE rule. Suppose, for example, one wished a good automobile and would like to know the spiritual prototype for it. One would mentally ask: "Exactly what is the PURPOSE of an automobile? What is it for? What does it do? What do I really want with a car" The automobile is, of course, an instrument, a means of PROGRESS, of rapid, pleasant, harmonious PROGRESS. This being so, then the spiritual prototype for an automobile is PROGRESS. At least this is what a car means to me; but in selecting a spiritual prototype for anything each one should think out for himself just what the PURPOSE of the thing is TO YOU.

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