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Success is everybody’s business. Nobody wants to fail. The role of a powerful mind cannot be overemphasized when we talk of success. No doubt, an empowered mind is a big step towards triumph.

Emotions are good. We need them to express and confirm our will which the mind has decided on. Being too emotional, however, works to our disadvantage. It destroys the ability of the mind to judge stimuli rationally (or see things clearly), and subordinates it to the will and emotions. The mind, when always subjected to such wrong judgment, would later adapt to the frequent error and can misinterpret everything.

Feelings are seldom accurate. They are poor perceivers. They can get to a certain amount of truth, but clouds of emotions often blur the truth. Feelings are designed as a latter action or reaction after the mind has arrived at a conclusion. Feelings are not supposed to act as a lead or a perceiver. Much less, they are not to be given power to decide a final conclusion. Emotions are there to support what the mind has commanded the will.

It is like a wife assuring her husband that what he has decided is right. When we have a reverse picture of a husband and wife — the wife deciding everything and the husband coming in only as a “yes” man — then we also get a reverse result.

Perception is designed to ascertain correctness. The mind is the apt organ for perceiving. Perception can be honed to such sharpness and accuracy that truth becomes plainer to see. When you see the whole picture of a situation with your mind, and give the mind total command, you are better equipped to respond.

There are times when you have an accurate perception of a stimulus, but then the emotions independently decide on a different course. The will, at a loss as to where to go (there are times when you are “undecided” about something), would cling to the stronger force, which is either the mind or the emotions. If this is always the case, you see an indecisive person always unsure about things. He is easily torn between a whim and a thought.

The mind clearly ought to rule over emotion and will. There should be no compromise in this. Success depends largely on how empowered the mind is.

The mind is trained to rule through daily simple exercises that intensify as progress goes. It is programmed to command and be obeyed by the emotions by telling the will to take its side against a negative emotion, or vice versa. The mind can also tell the emotions to take its side against a stubborn will.

In simple exercises, the mind is trained to assume a commanding mode. The subservience of the emotions and will reinforces this. As triumph is programmed for the mind, the exercises increase in level and intensity. This is repeatedly done over a long period until the process of the mind commanding the emotions and will becomes automatic and instant.

When the mind has mastered the commanding mode, it is subjected to a higher level and trained to command not only the emotions but the whole body. Even the voluntary systems and processes in the body are attempted to be commanded for positive results.

As the mind progresses and given more power, it is then transported into a higher dimension of power — the power to command things outside the body.

However, it should be emphasized here that all this talk about so much power for the mind starts with small steps. The mind must be able to discipline itself, the emotions, and the will before it can take quantum leaps to higher and broader commands.

Why all this fuss about empowering the mind? Do we just want to prove something vain here — like proving that you are somebody powerful?

Mind empowerment has lots of positive benefits. On a personal level, you can command a positive emotion and attitude to surface from your inner self at just the wink of an eye. It can improve your image with colleagues and other people. You can become a very patient, understanding, and broad-minded person, seldom manifesting negative behavior, and often approaching things with an open mind. Mind power can make you see things clearly and more objectively.

You can assess situations better, with a clear mind and heart, and become a person of integrity and resoluteness. In a word, it makes you a well-rounded person.

On a higher level, it can gradually eliminate a lot of physical hindrances that keep you from having good health and an all-around feeling of wellness. It can help you command your body to get better and healthier. You can tell your heart, lungs, kidneys, and other internal organs to start functioning normally or start getting healed. You can order your limbs to perform better if you are a sportsman. However, you also need to put in patience and time if you want to see some real results.

On a much higher level, a truly empowered mind can make you affect other people and your environment as well. In an extreme sense, you may be able to see yourself actually commanding nature to work according to the urgency of your situation. If an emergency requires that you go to a place but a storm happens to be raging, you may be able to command the storm to cease for a while so that you can get to your destination safely.

Commanding in this sense must not be used for mere entertainment or proving that you have power to do things. It must be used for extreme emergencies—for positive purposes alone.

These things may all sound crazy for the uninitiated. But there are people living today who actually claim and record that these supernatural occurrences are true to them. The ability has helped them and other people a lot in times of crisis.

Think of how the world would be if even half of its inhabitants are able to exercise this positive super mind strength? For starters, it will be easy to see a world without pain, hurts, ailments, and strange virus outbreaks like SARS. In the words of theistic neo-spiritualists, it will be like “a world where God really walks around among us.”

Or perhaps, this is how scientists might put it: “It will be a world where the full potentials of the rational mind reigns supreme, even extra supreme — and all other things take a back seat.”

If it’s easy to see such a world, and that sight is believed by an authoritative mind, the rest will follow. We will be writing history in a new light.

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