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How To Command And Master Your Emotions

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Benefits Of An Authoritative Mind

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The authoritative mind is NOT an arrogant, self-important mind that swells in pride and orders people around as though they were its slaves. An authoritative mind is a practical person’s mind that holds a reign on emotions and will. Later, the authority of such a mind may also intensify to command even things outside its traditional sphere of influence.

On Commanding Your Entire Body

When you have mastered commanding your emotions, you can go try the next level of commanding your body, even your internal organs. Admittedly, this is a long shot from happening to everyone who tries. The secret, however, is persistence. Don’t let the faith in your mind power buckle down. If at first, or even after hundreds of tries you don’t succeed, keep trying.

As it is, the mind already commands several of your body functions. Walking, running, talking, eating, and other activities are done through the command of your mind. You can even make your breathing stop for a few seconds because your mind can command your nose to stop taking in air. It is a simple matter of extending the jurisdiction of the authority of your mind to other parts of your body and organs. Do this slowly. You can conquer small territories, one after the other.

Of course, we are trying to do this for a benefit. Don’t try to control your heart so that it stops beating. Don’t try to tell your lungs to cease functioning. This is pure nonsense, and this book counsels strongly against these.

The exercise of mind power over your entire body is geared towards overall betterment. Let us cite several examples:

  1. Commanding pain and sickness to go away.

  2. Commanding skin wrinkles to cease from emerging.

  3. Commanding your face to look youthful for a long time.

Now, don’t create the impression that you can command your body to achieve immortality. Life has to end someday. Without this ending, life would lose its artistry, mystery, meaning, and drama.

Total command of the emotions and the whole body is aimed at getting a better, if not a second chance at, life. It’s a pity to have a short life. It is also a tragedy to live a long life full of woes and pains. We often relegate or leave the outcome of our lives to fate. We think that we have no power over what happens to us and our bodies. We think that the destiny just likes to play with us.

Some people, on the other hand, think that what happens to their lives depends on some external factors. They think the sun, moon, and stars control their lives. Some think that certain objects have the power to drive their lives. These things are mere stimuli. They only have power over us if we let them. If we refuse, they cannot do anything to us. If we give them power over us, it doesn’t mean they really have power. The power they have comes from us. So it is we who really have the power.

Everything that happens to us originates and ends in us. A popular Hebraic belief in the Bible says that everything that happens to us — good or bad — is of our own doing. It is a cause and effect process that God himself has ordained and sustained. It is like the government that creates the laws. If you break a law, you suffer. Law does not make you suffer. It is what you do against it that causes suffering.

The law of gravity will never hurt anyone. Now, if you try to jump from the tenth floor, you hurt yourself. If a plane crashes because of a mechanical failure, gas leak, or human negligence, you don’t sue the earth. You sue the airline company.

A father gave his son a bird. The son was afraid to receive it. The father asked why. “It might fly away,” came the reply of the lad. “No, it will not,” assured the father. So the boy held the bird. Days later the bird was gone. The father asked why. “It flew away,” said the boy. “No,” the father stressed, “you let it fly away.”

The outcome of life really depends on you. To be more specific, it depends on what is in you. If you let something have dominion over you, they will. But if you choose to have dominion over things, you will. You’re designed to have that authority.

Let’s go back to the mental control of your body. If you can command your legs and feet to run, can you not try a little further and tell it to run faster?

Of course, you can.

Now, let’s go a bit further. Why not tell your legs and feet to take longer strides as they run faster.

Of course, you can. Your limbs will readily obey.

Now, make a quantum leap. Practice telling your legs to increase in length, muscle size, or grow more hair. Couple this with correct exercise and diet. Keep practicing. Practice makes perfect. But be sure to believe in what you are doing. If you just try a little to see what happens, chances are, nothing will. Then you’ll soon give up and feel stupid about it.

The best part is when you are able to command your heart or lungs to function better if you have a heart or lung ailment. You can even command your blood pressure to normalize.

We have to realize that these mental commands need the full support of the emotions and the will. If the mind alone does it but you feel funny about it, it will never work. If you have the mind and feel good about it too, but you do not have the will to eat right and exercise right, nothing will happen. It’s not enough to “feel good” about a mental command. It’s just a puppy emotion, as in “puppy love.” Your mind must fully believe it, and your emotions must fully back it up.

No shadow of a doubt, whatsoever. It needs patient training and faith. You must combine the powers of the mind, will, and emotions in order to achieve great feats. Practice smaller tasks before you try to command your whole body.

A good way to start is to command your aches to go away. When your head or back aches, practice commanding them before you take any medicine. After several serious tries and the pain still stays, then you may try your prescribed medicine. Next time, do it again.

If you feel dizzy, command it to go away. Don’t give up easily. Take another alternative, like prescribed medicines, after you have given the mental power several chances.

Research indicates that some medicines are mere placebo drugs or salt pills. They cure nothing. They are just given to patients to make them think that they are being cured by medicine. Some patients actually feel better after taking these useless though harmless pills.

Note: Harnessing your mental powers is not a substitute for medical treatment. Have regular checkups from your physicians. Do not use mental powers as a license to an abusive lifestyle that endangers your health.

On Commanding Things Around You

This concept of commanding things around you should not come as a surprise. We have been commanding our pet dogs, cats, birds, horses, and even dolphins to obedience. Many believe they could actually talk to plants and tell them to grow better. There are electronic systems that can tell lighting systems to function by just talking to them. There are computers today that function by obeying voice commands.

If you realize these things and contemplate on them, you will see that, indeed, the human mind probably has other potentials still waiting to be discovered.

Records indicate the story of a powerful man who lived in Israel at the time of King Herod and Pontius Pilate. This man, a mere carpenter who hardly had any formal schooling, controlled his environment to extremes. He commanded a fig tree to die on the spot. He commanded every sickness to go away. He even commanded the sea and the wind to calm down. He commanded an earthquake to be still. Several times he commanded the dead to live again.

He once said that according to what a man thinks and believes, it will happen to him.

If we are going to believe this Israelite, everything that happens in us, to us, and around us can be commanded to obedience by our minds. Hence, it is not true that stimuli can have any effect or control over us and our lives. On the other hand, we can affect them if we want to — and if we aim to.

By what we have so far achieved in Science — getting things electronically triggered by voice commands — are we not on the path to commanding everything, even nature, by the power of our minds?

Consider this: Our internal system has electrons that move inside our bodies so that we produce certain amounts of electricity. Cardiologists can measure this electricity in us through some tests.

What if we learn some process or technique by which we can harness and develop this electrical charge in us and put it to use at our will? By the command of our minds, we could perhaps throw an electric charge by just pointing a finger at a weather disturbance or tornado and affect it in a certain way. This sounds far-fetched now, but so would the idea of a digital calculator be at the time when they were still figuring out the airplane of the Wright brothers.

We have seen through history how new discoveries and inventions never end as time passes. Almost everything is being made possible. Things thought impossible decades ago are now everyday realities. These have all been possible through imaginative and resourceful minds that challenge commonly held views and never settle with what is the usual way. These minds have always been open to possibilities and have much potential.

A mind that is supreme over the emotions and the will has countless known benefits. For sure, the potentials yet forthcoming will likewise yield better benefits.

Our perceptions tend to either limit or help us. A perception that tends to limit us is most likely affected by the emotions. A restrained perception is hindered mostly by fear. Fear keeps us wary of what may happen.

A clear perception makes assessments of a situation. This assessment is not to see if we would continue with our venture or not. The assessment is to know what step or direction is more practical and safer for us. Then we can take the plunge. Strong mental power and will always take the plunge. They never back down. Once the mind has conquered the will and emotions, the plunge is always done with a very strong determination, and with all joy and excitement.

Even if the first plunge fails, more attempts will be done with the same persistence and gusto. This is the mark of a strong mind that conquers.

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