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People have always wondered if it is possible to control emotions. Yet, our topic is not mere controlling, but commanding our emotions.

This seems to complicate matters more. Can we actually command something within in us that, for years, have been regarded as involuntary impulses? They say emotions just happen to you and you have no choice but to feel them. Trying to “command” emotions is almost saying you can tell your heart to stop beating pronto, right there and then!

People are scared to death to think what will happen once their hearts just suddenly stop. But really, the chances of it suddenly stopping are quite narrow compared to its continuous functioning.

The real wonder is not that the heart might abruptly stop, but that it could be subjected to obedience. By obedience, we mean how to make it produce the right emotions to make us feel good.

Emotions are lifetime companions. We cannot get rid of them. As long as we’re alive, feelings will be there to accompany our actions or even inactions. Traditional knowledge tells us we are slaves of our emotions. Emotions make our day. They decide whether we get up in a good mood in the morning or in good spirits when we get in bed at night. Some people even give their emotions the authority to mold their destiny.

There are people who succumb to bad emotions and even get a fatal heart attack because of that.

Moreover, there are people who let emotions get the better of them all their lives. You see them become virtual puppets of their moods. They say or act as if they have no other choice but to obey what their moods or emotions dictate them to do. They go to work every day with wrinkled faces and bad behaviors. They crumple other lives they meet along their path too. Their reason: They had a fight with their spouse earlier, or some jerk cut them off the road.

Perhaps they would blame the weather for it, or the plunging economy. This brings us to another question: Are emotions mere hostages to what happens around us or to what other people do to us?

When we surrender to traditional and man-made concepts without examining them awhile, we find misery and slavery waiting for us. Many people, among them professionals and leaders, are prisoners of their moods and emotions. They may be productive career-wise, but they are terribly inept in handling themselves properly in crisis — or what they call crisis management. When you let your emotions fail you, your being slowly disintegrates, and your career goes along with it.

But now you can take charge! You have been given a choice to take over or be taken over by your emotions. Emotions are made for you, not you for your emotions. If you choose to, you can always be the best you can be, emotions and all. Emotions are designed as added extras to highlight the positive impressions you make. They are not there to make you an object of pity, revulsion, or horror.

So let us stop being used and instead start using our emotions and will right now!

Let us declare a day of freedom from negative emotions. A new day of powerful practical thinking is dawning. Let’s welcome it with open hands. Do you see it coming?

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