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What To Do For A Healthier You

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  • DO drink as much water as you can. When you are thirsty, you may feel like you are hungry too. Before getting a bite to eat, go for some beverage first. Who knows? A glass of water may just be all you need to stop that grumbling stomach.

  • DO cut back on the things you can live without. Moderation is always the safest way to lead a healthier life. Want something sweet? Have half of that chocolate cake, half of that éclair and half a scoop of ice cream. Not the whole tier of cake, the whole mouthful of éclair and certainly not the whole pint of ice cream! It will be enough to satisfy your craving. Same with wine, beer or soda, have a sip. Tastes great? Good, now return to your own bottle of flavored water. A toast to better dining!

  • DO limit your intake of fat, sugar and salt. OK, let us simply admit the fact that we can’t all be vegetarians. If you cannot eliminate pork from your diet, then have it once a week or for special occasions. You may want to limit those so-called “special occasions” too. By this, I regret to inform you that no, you cannot celebrate everybody else’s birthday with beer and pizza without them knowing it!

  • DO treat yourself to a relaxing day at the spa. Being healthy means being stress-free. While reaping the rewards of a leaner YOU, get pampered as well. Be able to relax and enjoy the benefits of a great work week!

  • DO bring your own snacks or meals to work. Don’t get swayed by the constant lure of fast food. Especially if your officemates have the habit of treating hamburgers as the complete comfort food for office stress…make it a point to prepare your lunch ahead of time. This way you can be in control of what you take in. So wrap up a healthy sandwich before you head out the door!

  • DO order ahead of the gang. If you are dining out with friends or colleagues, make it a point to place your order first. By doing this, you won’t be tempted by what they will be ordering. Never mind if it’s a sinfully delicious choice, dripping with calories! If you choose first, you won’t have a chance to change your mind about that salad. So make it a point to be first in line!

  • DO invest in sports! Having jump ropes, frisbees, badminton and tennis rackets, basketballs, baseball bats and swimming gear around can make it more convenient for you to engage in sports. You will have no more excuses for not playing a game with your kids or giving in to a tennis match with your friends. Time to do some shopping!

  • DO monitor your progress. If you know that you are heading in the right direction and you see the visible results of your hard work, you will have more motivation to stay on track. Keep a special diary for this purpose. Or use your Internet account by having a “blog” dedicated to your workout plan. Keep yourself stimulated to achieve more!

  • DO assume responsibility for self-discipline. Planning is only the beginning. I believe that getting fit and staying fit is a life-long process, it is a lifestyle in itself! Discipline is an utmost necessity in making sure your plan works. The goal here is not simply to lose weight but to be able to lead a healthier life! Health should always be a priority.

  • DO remind yourself of the benefits of exercise! Anytime you feel like straying, keep your focus by recalling all the worthwhile benefits of becoming healthy. There are lots of them remember? Don’t give up yet!

  • DO have a support person or support system. They will help you through this workout plan. It’s nice to have somebody you can share your sentiments and successes with! Somebody you can trust whole-heartedly, an individual who can help you achieve your goals just by being there for you all the way.

  • DO set goals that are within reach. Good goals are those that are measurable, specific, attainable, time-bound and result-oriented. An example of a good goal would be “to jump rope 600 times in 30 minutes, three times a week”. Keep it simple. Progress gradually. Don’t push yourself too hard.

  • DO get involved with a variety of activities. Boredom kills your workout. Find new and creative ways to stay physically fit. A good idea would be to turn to activities that genuinely interest you. That motivation is in you! Go ahead and make it work!

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