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How To Turn Your Thoughts Into Reality

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“The power of Thought, the magic of the Mind!” - Lord Byron

Think back to a sorcerer, witch or wizard you have watched in a fantasy movie or on television. How do they look when doing magic? “Focused,” “determined,” “concentrated” are the words that may come to your mind. For witches and wizards with wands especially, do they not look like they are channeling and pouring their energy at the tip of their wands to cast a spell?

In addition to how focused they are, they also look free of distractions, doubts, fear or anything that can get in the way of their spell-casting. Should their will waver, their magic may weaken or may not work at all. Their power is diminished at the same time their minds lose focus.

The same principle also holds true when you are thinking to create reality. The more focused you are and the more energy you give to your thoughts, the more likely it is that they will come true. And if you allow fear, doubts or any negative thought to rule your mind, then you will have a difficult time turning your thoughts into reality.

In the following pages you will learn how to give power or energy to your thoughts and clear your mind of blocks that prevent you from manifesting your thoughts.

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