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Detoxify Your Life: Eliminating Bad Habits Effectively

Believe In Yourself


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If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? Wanting to stop a bad habit is a conscious effort, so you must exercise all means - body, soul, and mind - to battle it and succeed.

People who are successful are positive thinkers. They face life’s challenges, no matter how seemingly difficult, with a can-do attitude. To them, obstacles are not barriers to their goals, but are chances to learn something and grow. Challenges are things that must be overcome, not events that they should be hiding from.

Success is a state of mind and is only achieved by those who truly believe in themselves. And despite these successes, they remain grounded and keep their values intact, no matter how great these accomplishments are. Instead of comparing themselves to other people, they simply plod on do what they believe is best for them. Truly successful people do not bother with petty comparisons.

Always keep in mind that habits are developed. This means that you can prevent yourself from being trapped within them at the onset. By understanding the whats, hows and whys of bad habits, you will be able to stay away from them when the symptoms start to form. You may indulge your curiosity by engaging in some of them once in a while, just to sate your inquisitive mind, but you should always be vigilant and careful not to be overwhelmed by them, lest you find yourself dragged into the pit and unable to squirm out by yourself.

Also, never underestimate the healing power of affirmations. As said earlier, continuing to believe in yourself is your best tool against fighting bad habits. Learn to utilize them and work with them.

If you’re already struggling with a nasty habit, even those that haven’t been mentioned in this book, don’t be afraid to admit that you need help. Man is a social animal by nature, so asking assistance from the people around you will definitely not hurt. Why, your family and friends could even be more than willing to stick it out with you. You’d be surprised at how helpful they can be when you’re trying to quit a bad habit.

No man or woman is an island. Always remember that you are never alone.





Respiratory diseases, certain cancers, periodontal problems, birth defects, death


Certain cancers, malfunction of internal organs, impaired judgment and vision, destroyed relationships, inability to cope with change; possible run-ins with the law


Destroyed relationships, distrust, missed opportunities

Chronic Lateness

Destroyed relationships, distrust, missed opportunities

Negative thinking

Self-sabotage, destroyed relationships, inability to cope with change

Overspending, Poor Money Management

Bad credit, debts, destroyed relationships, inability to deal with certain emergencies, possible legal problems


Destroyed relationships, bad credit, debts, possible legal problems


Repeat the following to yourself everyday to help you focus on the positive and fight your bad habits.

  • With my strength and will, I have the power to escape from and eliminate bad habits.

  • I will eliminate my bad habits one by one and nothing can stand in my way.

  • Nothing and no-one can influence me from straying from my goals.

  • My mind set and my will power grows each day.

  • No matter how many times I fall, I will rise back up and continue on.

  • I will succeed.

  • I am not my bad habits. My bad habits do not and never will control me.

  • Nothing will ever shake my resolve, no matter how tempting.

  • Every person, situation, object and event has a positive side. I will focus on the positive each time and never allow myself to think about the negative.

  • It is my nature to love and be compassionate. I will deal with each challenge with a good attitude and see them as opportunities to learn and grow.

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